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Take control of your investing with a full range of tools, resources, and support
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Personalized goal planning

Highly customized portfolios and guided investment journeys basis investor expectations.

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Disciplined rebalancing

Asset allocation tracking in line with investment plans and quick portfolio corrections post market volatility.

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Expert-backed asset allocation

40+ years of great minds from the world of investments strengthening investor success.

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Smarter and simpler investments

Account and portfolio setup in just 3 minutes on our easy to use app.

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Low-cost investments

Cost benefit of passive investments passed on to investors.

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Easy taxation management

Investment taxation tracking with advisory support and guidance for investors.

Why invest through us?

Our app benefits both the present and future generations

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We assist young investors in maximizing their gains.

At Index Funds Sahi Hai, we make investing simple and rewarding. We understand the challenge of finding the right path to build a secure future, which is why we created the Alpha On index system to make this possible.

Whether you're new to investing or experienced, our solutions align with your financial goals and adapt to market changes. Backed by our expert team with years of experience, we ensure steady growth with low fees.

Start investing with any amount you're comfortable with and build a secure future. Our carefully curated and monitored portfolios are designed to grow even through market fluctuations and lean times, ensuring your investments remain resilient.

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All in one team with 40+ years of experience

Goal planners, Wealth planners, Fintech experts, Investment experts, Data scientists, Financial trainers, Riskanalyst, Economists

Founder & CEOSooraj Raveendran
Sooraj Raveendran
Co-Founder - COORajesh Shetty
Rajesh Shetty
Co-Founder - Director, CFOLakshmi Sooraj
Lakshmi Sooraj
Co-Founder & Director Dr.Prashant Bhamare
Dr.Prashant Bhamare
Head of OperationsShalaka Gawande
Shalaka Gawande
Product ManagerYogesh Matekar
Yogesh Matekar
Finance ManagerVivek CL
Vivek CL
Operation ServicesPayal Raje
Payal Raje
Customer ExperienceChaitali Pawar
Chaitali Pawar
HOD - HRSudhakaran B
Sudhakaran B
Head Technology & AI Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaurav Chaudhary
Risk Monitoring & Control unitKiran AR
Kiran AR
DigitalAnandu S
Anandu S
Customer ServiceAnkit Ramane
Ankit Ramane
Technology SupportAjay Vora
Ajay Vora
Development PartnerEvoqins
How Index Funds Sahi Hai works

Let's demystify the application of index funds and how our platform can work for you.

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Here's your first step toward smart index fund investing - creating your account.

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Define your financial goals or select your investment strategy to help you achieve your dreams.

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Invest Now and Watch your wealth grow with Index Fund Sahi Hai.

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Efficiently allocate funds and timely rebalance for sustained investment growth.

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Quick start your Index fund investments

Download your app, pick your goal, design your portfolio and begin your investment journey all in just 3 minutes

Index_Fund_AccountPMS Service
Invest in direct funds with Total Market India PMS

Amplify your investment with low-cost direct index funds across asset classes in portfolios managed by experts

₹ 50 Lakh
Minimum Investment
₹ 250Cr+
AUM Managed
Investment Strategies

Who we are & What we do
Why own passive funds such as Index funds?
About 92.5% of active funds have been statistically underperforming over the years with Theta as the return benchmark. Moreover, the growth gains on such funds are costlier making the net-effective returns lesser. The scenario has mad it next to impossible to identify a fund manager with a methodology that has proven to be successfull. Passive funds on the other hand grow investors parallelly to the nation’s growth.
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*Indian Index fund statistics provided by NSE

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